Unleashing the Liquid Revolution

Building Web3's Foundation for Seamless Value Exchange

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Zephyr Capital is an innovative DeFi protocol focused on transforming web3 liquidity. Starting with Solis, our flatcoin, that offers a dependable medium of exchange for the web3 economy, powered by the unmatched scalability, security, and efficiency of Radix DLT

Protect Your Purchasing Power

Solis, is an overcollateralized flatcoin built on Radix DLT. Designed to maintain its value against inflation, protecting your purchasing power.

Borrow at 0% Interest

Borrow Solis with a small one-time fee instead of highly variable interest rates.

Low Collateral Ratio

Efficient liquidation mechanism of Solis allows users to get the most liquidity for their XRD.

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June 11 2023